Pay dresses stylish gowns

To add to the impression of a visitor, also participated in the Pay dresses stylish gowns art and culture sessions are held regularly every hour with the Basic Variety show Dance Dance Betawi and Tor – tor.

Pay dresses stylish gowns – tor rhythm very festive make the visitors and orphaned children of the Foundation Friends of the Child spontaneously clapping accompany the dancers throughout the dance. This dance received coverage from the Greek TV.

Regent Indragiri Hulu ( Inhu ) Riau had postponed the inauguration of 100 civil servants who have recently graduated. This is caused by those who do not complete the current attributes will be inducted.

“This I did, because they did not obey the rules. They exist are not wearing a belt, do not wear a hat, do not wear the pin Korpri and there is no uniform,”said Regent Inhu, Yopi Arianto told AFP on Friday ( 29/11 / 2013).

According Yopi, actually no it does not affect equipment status as civil servants. However, it wants to put the discipline to those who will serve the public.